Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jamaica won writer malong zhanmusi 2015 United Kingdom Booker Prize

Local time on October 13, malong·zhanmusi (Marlon James) by virtue of the seven murders, a brief history of (a Brief History of Seven Killings) to win in 2015 Booker Prize (The Man Booker Prize), for the awards.

London time on October 13, 44 Jamaica novelist malong·zhanmusi (Marlon James) overwhelmingly favored access to judges, by virtue of the seven murders, a brief history of (a Brief History of Seven Killings) to win in 2015 Booker Prize (The Man Booker Prize), he also became the Booker Prize first won the award in the history of Jamaica writers.

Malong·zhanmusi was born in Jamaica and now lives in United States Minneapolis, since 2007, Professor of English and creative writing courses. His first two novels, the yuehan·kelao of the Devil (John Crow's Devil) and the book of night women (The Book of Night Women) budding has received several award nominations, a brief history of the seven murders is his third novel. 686-page book, presents more than 75 people, centering on Jamaica reggae originator of Bob Marley on December 3, 1976, 7 armed man mobbing, lived experience, and through witnesses, gunmen, members of Parliament, drug dealers, the beauty queen, the FBI and the CIA, journalists, even ghosts back when big events, a genius piece of oral history. Suzhou University PhD open disclosure College

Jury Chairman paid tribute to the seven murders by Michael wood, a brief history of "astonishing vocal range and register," "there are many, many voices in the book to you ... ... Amazing from beginning to end. "He also hope that readers will not be intimidated by its coat of crime fiction," there are many places in the book are very, very interesting, very human ... ... It goes beyond the world of crime, led us to some not far away from us but know very little history. "

According to the narrative of the James, his original idea was to write a little longer, tell a white killer in Miami from Chicago employed assassination a Jamaica drug dealer. When James was again reading crime novels, he even give the story good title--the look what love has done to me, "estimated 230 page (stories)." But in the end he, penning more than 600 pages, killer didn't debut until No. 458 pages.

Zhanmusiduo-voice structure is also unintentional. He wrote several novellas, each seems to be and Bob Marley have plenty of relationship, but he did not find a character able to shoulder-length. Bewildered James complained to friends: "I don't know who is this story! "Friend looked at him strangely and said:" why do you have to believe that this is one person's story? The last time you read (Faulkner) as I lay dying is when? "Until now, James realized he is actually one of Faulkner's polyphonic novels, while Bob Marley unknowingly into a series of novels by dark lines.

A brief history of the seven murders

Is the Booker Prize this year to the global English writer and open the next year. Since 1969 the first Booker Prize until 2013, only the United Kingdom, and Ireland and Commonwealth authors in the United Kingdom are eligible to participate in the selection of published works. This year's short list showing a trend of diversification and rejuvenation, selected six writers from the United States and the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Jamaica, among United Kingdom writer Tom McCarty, and India-born writer sangjifu·sahuota (Sunjeev Sahota) now lives in United Kingdom, but four other writers living in the United States. Prior to this, McCarthy was the only works on short list of writers nominated by, and in the United States awarded Government works of Marilyn Robinson of the Leela (Lila) and won the Booker Prize in Ireland writer an·ruite (Anne Enright) not selected a short list.

Internationalization of Man Booker Prize at the same time, the six-novel shortlist finalists also shows a globalized world. Sahota in the novel the flight of that year (The Year of the Runaway) described three from India young man with an India origin United Kingdom woman story occurred in Sheffield. Each of these immigrants carries a past secret, tries to start a new life in a foreign country. Tom McCarty of the Sardinia (Satin Island) is one of ambition: anthropologist u were asked to write a summary research report of the contemporary world, as he gradually on the screen on oil spills, the traffic jams, zombie procession of images of Africa, he tries to find a way to concatenate all the hidden logic.

Equally impressive is the six novels invariably tragic tone. Yanagihara Sakura (Hanya Yanagihara) of the small life (a Little Life) in excellent outline of four friends friendship at the same time, mercilessly shows the friendship will not save the heartbreak and pain. Appears to be warm and calm of the axis line (a Spool of Blue Thread) make children sit around the round table in the House side of the family, and then slowly opened the family life of hope, fear, hostility, contradiction and secrets. Most typical jigeze·aobiaoma (Chigozie Obioma) of the fishermen (The Fishermen)-in the mid 1990 of the 20th century, his four brothers in a small town sneak out fishing, encounter mad Abruzzo (Abulu), which predicted that one of the brothers would kill another person, this prophecy tear close brother bond, leading to a series of tragedies ... ... Even the judges admit: this list of short list indeed "pretty heavy".

Man Booker Prize had been "too much emphasis on readability" judges with the selection back one. Yanagihara cherry, American writer of the little life is recognized as an award-winning hit, occupying United Kingdom bookmaker charts, ultimately lost to James "polyphonic aesthetics and the aesthetics of violence." Wood recalled, some people told him that they wanted to donate the award-winning novel the mother read James ' book may be a bit too difficult, however. Man Booker Prize has always been closely related to publishing performance, last year's winner lichade·fulanagen's works of the road leading to the North in the United Kingdom sold 300,000 copies, and sold almost 800,000 copies worldwide. United Kingdom old bookshop Foyles Web page editing, "said bookseller, (James) such ambitions and ideas recognized and rewarded is exciting readers already respond enthusiastically to this book. "