Saturday, October 10, 2015

Apple s Mac sales slowing to a two year low

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According to a research report released on Thursday, Apple Mac series personal computer sales growth dropped to the lowest level in the past two years.

Gartner and IDC, two market research firms released data, but they think that Mac sales up, one is considered to fall.

IDC report said Mac shipments shrank by 3.4% each year, Gartner thinks, however maintained a 1.5% increase in a year. Shipments statistics for the two companies are also different. Gartner believe Mac shipments to 5.6 million units, IDC believes shipments to 5.3 million units. Although data is different, but the two companies ' reports have pointed out that the Mac computer's growth rate was the lowest since the third quarter of 2013. IDC estimated that this is the first time Apple since 2013 growth shrank.

Although the Apple Mac series of shipments declined, it is still the best in the personal computer market. According to Gartner's data, other computer makers behave worse than Apple, which makes Apple's market share in personal computers rose to 7.6% today from 6.9% in 2014.

IDC analyst said that Mac growth decline was attributable to the strong dollar, which makes in the United States outside the Mac computer price more expensive. Gartner analyst says Mac growth shrinking by Japan and Europe, dragging down the market.

But Apple needs to know, although it maintained a growth, himself cannot escape the pattern of shrinking PC market. The third quarter of this year, worldwide PC shipments declined by 10.8%, fell to 71 million units. In the quarter, Windows 10 released, but from looking at the numbers, it didn't save the slumping PC market. It is predicted that until at least 2017, State of the PC market is still shrinking.

I'm afraid this is why Apple Tablet iPad Pro can work like a PC. And like Microsoft, Google, Apple is hoping the trend of people turning to touch-screen mobile devices take advantage of.

Apple Mac will be released quarterly earnings on October 27 in the specific sales figures. Lazy welfare hits have nothing to do it yourself