Monday, October 12, 2015

Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Secretary General Chen Jinbiao assumed office

Chen Jinbiao information chart

Six months ago by the Mayor's transfer to Shaoxing, Wenzhou City Party Secretary Chen Jinbiao and new levels.

Shaoxing, according to network television on October 12 reported late that afternoon, cadres Conference to be held in Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Organization Department announced Yao Zhiwen, Deputy Minister of provincial party Committee decided to: current Shaoxing municipal party Committee Secretary Chen Jinbiao transferred to provincial party Secretary-General, Peng Jiaxue Shaoxing municipal Committee. Provincial party Committee, Minister Liao Guoxun speech.

In late September, the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, former Secretary of provincial party Committee Secretary-General Zhao Yide has transferred to Hangzhou.

In mission systems for many years his first station in Wenzhou  

Chen Jinbiao, born in April 1963, Zhuji, Zhejiang people in Zhejiang mission systems for many years, he has been the Deputy Minister of provincial party Committee Organization Department, provincial party Committee, Minister, Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee and party member. In 2001, agricultural and rural work leading group, Deputy Director of the Office, and the following year Xinjiang, served as Deputy Secretary of the hotan prefectural. In 2005, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee United Front work Department of the Deputy Minister.

In September 2011, the 48-year old Chen Jinbiao took office for the first time, became mayor of Wenzhou City, and Mayor in February the following year.

Wenzhou is the first district, the birthplace of private economy of China's reform and opening up, thanks to the arduous reform, had created the "Wenzhou model". However, due to the slowdown in economic growth in recent years, as well as a certain degree of industrial "hollowing out", Fund "hot money" asset "bubble" outside a questioning tone.

Chen Jinbiao is the "Wenzhou model" strong proponents.

"' The Wenzhou model ' the main content is to take the lead, and willing to endure hardships – this spirit will never be out of date, because it is based on temporal and spatial changes, continue to absorb nutrients and innovation with the times. "In January, he said in an interview with the daily liberation, on this piece of land in Wenzhou, nutrition and information markets, civil awareness of innovation, flexibility of institutional mechanisms is the most cutting-edge, there will always be market economy barometer, barometers. Many Wenzhou businessmen doing business in the field, and even in many parts of the land, tax policy is very favorable, but they come back every year to Wenzhou learned "marketing nutrition", "Wenzhou development depend on reforms before dividends, dividend for now still have to rely on reform, is the system's advantages, which are found in no other place. "

Lord Mayor of Wenzhou approved national financial comprehensive reform pilot area

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) noted that Chen Jinbiao less than 2 months to work in Wenzhou, Wenzhou City public declarations "Wenzhou national experimental zone of comprehensive financial reform." The following March, a State Council Executive meeting decided to establish financial pilot zone for overall reform of Wenzhou City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, approved the implementation of the overall programme of the pilot zone for comprehensive reform of the financial and private finance development, improving financial services to the real economy, financial reform across the country felt experience.

"The orientation of Wenzhou is a comprehensive financial reform under the State Council, is comprehensive, and the other is private – private capital normalization or borrowing; goal is ' more than two ', ' the dilemma ': private investment capital more difficult, many SMEs, financing. Size of 600 billion yuan in Wenzhou private capital through financial reform, not only to regulate the civil capital lending, also to be located in the private capital, so that more private capital investment in the real economy. "In an interview with the media, Chen Jinbiao said.

Today, financial comprehensive reform of Wenzhou has lasted for more than three years. This year March, Chen Jinbiao as national NPC representative in Beijing participate in national "two" Shi said, gold modified has made stage results, State issued of 12 items task, except "outside straight voted" needed State Unified deployment, remaining 11 items has essay, regional financial storm never can control into can control, and never stable into stable, "now is stable, and can control of situation, bad loan declined, guarantees chain gradually opened. "

He disclosed that Wenzhou is considering a new three-year financial reform plan, will focus on improving quality, expand, "a continuing financial reform across the country play a leading role. "

In April, Chen Jinbiao replace transfers, Qian Jianmin, Director of housing, served as Party Secretary of Shaoxing.

Have received "ice bucket challenge", for sick children donations

Last year, popular all over the world, "ice bucket challenge" articles survived in Zhejiang Province, when he was Mayor of Wenzhou Chen Jinbiao was named after willingly contributions.

At that time, the company called "love of Wimbledon House" public institutions in Wenzhou "ice bucket challenge" can choose from two methods named "challenge": ice water or contributions of love so raised will be used to help a blood disease.

According to Wang Ke, head of the Agency introduced, 9-year old Yang (pseudonym), Eastern Mediterranean anemia, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, "Wimbledon love room" relief activities have been initiated for his total fundraising of 310,000 yuan, but care still lacks nearly 100,000 yuan. Volunteers in the circle of friends "ice bucket challenge" of 6 volunteers named August 21 collectives challenged, and after completing a relay object, someone shouted "I hope ' PUMA ' can join", invited the Mayor Chen Jinbiao challenge.

Spread through social networking tools, Chen Jinbiao was informed that "named" post is pleased to "challenge", donated 100 Yuan. Wang Ke told the Word Press, because it is a charity, according to the rules they set, named maximum contribution of 100 Yuan. Thousands of "Guangxi Yulin dog" dog sent to gaoyou, Jiangsu, th