Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rainbow attack in Zhanjiang 1 8 million power outages two hundred or three hundred

On October 5, 2015, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, Typhoon "Rainbow" hit Zhanjiang. A crane smashed into a family upstairs. CFP

Typhoon "Rainbow" loads, large water power in Zhanjiang city in Guangdong Province, on October 6, the Zhanjiang power authority found in the repair, a cable hanging behind being cut away, about two hundred or three hundred metres long, affecting the progress of the repair.

On October 5, 2015, the 22nd Typhoon "Rainbow" positive after the attack in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, serious damage to the local power grid, 12,000 district (a transformer supply areas or regions) power outage, affecting electricity users more than 1.8 million households.

Power supply Department said that as of October 7, at two o'clock in the afternoon, near 80% area to restore power, 460,000 residents have yet to restore power.

According to voice of the central canton News reported yesterday, emergency workers found that augmentation of line a line a 110,000-volt Chardonnay after a steel-cored aluminium strand were blown by the wind, appeared all of fracture, being intentional theft damage.

In this regard, the Zhanjiang electric power Bureau publicity Office Lin to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirms this: yesterday, xiashan district in a village, a line of steel-cored aluminium strand being blown backward by a man with a large pair of scissors to cut away, about two hundred or three hundred metres in length.

"This delayed the repair progress. "Mr Lam said, the original steel-cored aluminium strand scraping behind, as long as no damage, again on connections alone will solve the problem, but only from elsewhere now supplies to the scene. Because of Zhanjiang, traffic has not been fully restored after the typhoon, transportation takes time, time was forced to drag.

Mr Lin said last night, has already notified the City Government and public security departments, public security departments for further investigation.

Zhanjiang power calls for repairs during the public attention to the protection of power facilities, to see someone steal power facilities, call 110 or hotline 95598 power report.

Network is damaged, other electric power Bureau of Guangdong power grid have been sent to Zhanjiang to repair, there are more than 6,000 repair members and more than 1200 repair vehicle input support, this number is still increasing. Mr Lam said, "in the area off, people inevitably complain that we are doing our best to repair, hope that they can understand. "

Mr Lin said electricity has been restored in the Center at present. After the typhoon, it still rains in Zhanjiang, repairs can only wait for the rain to clock, it will affect the progress of Zhanjiang full resumption of urban electric power supply Bureau will strive in the October 9, October 11, fully respond to the city's electricity.

Power lead to interruption of communications, has led some people in Zhanjiang, are forced to live on the "insular" days.

Late last night, is located in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Ocean University three days later and returned to Zhongshan Liu Wei of English major students in the school bus home.

She told journalists the surging, at present, electricity and water supplies resumed around the Zhanjiang, part of the urban rehabilitation of the electricity, but still no electricity in remote areas. Huguang rock in the East of Guangdong Ocean University main campus, no electricity, no water, no network signal strength is poor in communications, to this day, her contact with students in the school are still sporadic. As far as she was aware, some of the students went to the suixi or Chikan settle asylum ... Breaking News

Liu Wei memory, the afternoon of October 4, began to storm in Zhanjiang, lights flashing, she hurriedly accept clothes close doors and Windows.

At 1 o'clock in the afternoon of the day, suddenly, wind and rain became bigger, "is afraid of blowing good fun, I want to send the app finds out. "

Liu Wei said the roommate was home, she was the only one in the dormitory, "the entire dormitory is shaking, glass Windows and doors were blow-bang bang loudly. "She later learned, Western school dormitory window had been blown down.

Five or six o'clock in the afternoon the wind rain, Liu Wei thought everything is gone, she went down found on campus is a mess: tree falls, store the whole wall fell, crashed out of the fridge shelves, goods scattered all over the floor, although things are everywhere, but the students are waiting in line to pay.

She took a walk around at school, found that in addition to the building, everything else fell down.

On October 5, the school completely cut off, and a dining hall just opened a little, students take the phones and computers go there charge.

But even when fully charged, it is hard to contact the outside world, "school to run a signal called better place can send text messages. "Liu Wei said, see local journalists in order to cover the hurt," but the outside world is not aware of our situation. Because it is difficult to get the message. "

Because of the water, Liu Wei and students these days drinking water in two ways: one is to buy drinking water; second, the barrels to a water supply to the toilet water.

In terms of diet, before the dining hall was still closed, her hunger with students eating cookies. "So I'm thin, weight-loss success. "

Yesterday, Liu Wei went to Chikan district, "where recovered well, individual businesses, hospitals, hotels, but only one bank, an ATM machine to withdraw money. "The traffic problem is not great," soldier in unison, roads open. "