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Nankai middle school Wen speaking publicly for the first time a year ago he

Nankai middle school, Wen speaking publicly for the first time a year ago, he spoke at his alma mater?

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 On October 14, 2014, the Tianjin Nankai middle school, to celebrate the upcoming school 110 anniversary of 1960 as Nankai Middle School Alumni, the former Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao invited in the "Nankai public forum" was made, entitled the report on my days at Nankai middle school.

A year later on October 16, the app public "warm the world" speech from Premier Wen Jiabao publicly a year ago, he spoke at his alma mater? Interface Editor served a partial summary.

Wen recalled their own entrance through 60 years ago, he said: "in September 1954, I entered Nankai middle school, a child under 12 years of age started a new life. When they leave primary school, I was telling my mother to apply for Nankai middle school, because my mother was afraid I can't go. The results, I was admitted to the South, and is the only primary school that I admitted to Nankai middle school students. "The freshmen, for juvenile Wen, Nankai," was a completely different new world. In my eyes and heart, she is beautiful, sacred, profound. "

Love the course

When referring to the secondary school curriculum, Premier Wen Jiabao said he was "loved the course, striving for knowledge hungry. I know that middle school is the Foundation of all subjects are important, future man, success at the time. "

"When I was in primary school, math is good, to work after high school. I've been thinking, my thinking ability of mathematics training, including imagery, analysis, logic and reasoning. Sometimes, in order to question, I often spend a lot of energy, sought in several ways. I served as a math class, high school math contest won place.

I like physics and chemistry. They, like mathematics, is the basis of science. Nankai high school physics, chemistry laboratory in the South building (Fan Sun building), it's where the student experiments, brain doing it by hand. Later, the University student on professional, I deeply feel that making an important physico-chemical. It turns out that our life on Earth is made up of rocks, rocks are made up of minerals and minerals is unique with a certain density, hardness and crystal structures of compounds. That stuck in my mind of the periodic table of the elements, or secondary school record. I each of these elements and their understanding of the physical and chemical properties and characteristics of, and deepened step by step. However, the Foundation was laid in middle school, Earth science is inseparable from physics, most notably geophysical and Astrophysical. After work, I also studied mechanics in their spare time. Tianjin Office water cube like 1200 private club

At that time, I learned math test scores are never satisfied, but with developing your own understanding ability, critical thinking and problem solving skills. I was curious about something, often find problems and ask questions, anything you want to ask a "why?" "More important is that which the spirit of independent thinking and the pursuit of truth of my ambition. These are my life.

I love language. I knew from the books at all times and so many writers, so many masterpieces. Keep in my mind some of the masters of classical poetry and touching, in a poem, and then back down. Like Fan Zhongyan of the Yueyang, Lu Xun of the trivial, and so can remember. "

And teacher knowledge, moral character

Wen said that during the six years of middle school life, he not only learn knowledge from the teachers, but also moral.

"Sun forest business, biology teacher, profound, rich teaching experience. He writes biology textbooks, self-made teaching instruments, painted posters. His affable, approachable, fluent in Tianjin, lecture seriously beautiful. He used to say: Learn how knowledge is three sentences, nine-word "learn, remember, and use." He often used simple language, easily came to many living creatures in the stories, inspiring students to the pursuit of biological knowledge, biology class telling an otherwise lifeless life. In biological experiment class, I dissected frogs by hand for the first time, understanding biological structure of organs, are very excited. The classroom situation, I remember. The end of November 2003, when he died, I sent a wreath. Wreath Ribbon read "mentor Mr Sun Yanglin jingwan students Wen through the ages".

"King of algebra", "King", "King of Delta," said Liu duo, An Tonglei, Qiao Cizhong three teachers, Nankai middle school math teacher is known as the "troika". They not only teach the students clear teaching concept, and with plenty of exercise and cultivating students ' creative thinking. Teacher features, easy questions to make you feel more difficult and characteristics of Liu on the contrary, difficult questions, have made it very easy. In their view, it is easy to transform, the key lies in the ability of students.

Chinese teacher Chen dongsheng, Fu Yue Qiu is rigorous and knowledgeable teachers. They are good at using textbooks in English composition, layman's language to tell student poetry, prose characteristic of genre, novels and political essays and other articles, let the students know how to use facts, how to appreciate life, use of language, how deep read ancient and modern classics, in a poem, how to write a good article, how to learn knowledge, learn from the text.

Music teacher Jiang Yunquan teaching method, has been impressive. In each of his music classes, in addition to the textbook learning content, he spent a lot of time for students to enjoy music, or GREAT PERFORMANCE at all times (including Opera) music, or playing the piano. Mozart's the Turkey March melody, I was familiar from his class. The 90 's of the last century, once I visited Austria at the Salzburg Mozart's former residence, former residence of staff with Mozart's piano when the popular music, I immediately thought of Jiang's music class, threw out the song name. "

Quiet and rich campus life

Recall when young students, Wen stated: "at that time, Nankai high school is a boys ' school, my classmates are boys sizes like me. They come from different families, but their parents mostly civilians, life is very simple. Class seemed to be a pool of calm water, clear, transparent, with no contamination and the waves. Their different personalities, hobbies, but it's all that simple, no slightest concealment, discrimination, jealous of each other and preparedness. I get along very well with everyone, laughing, fooling around in the promotion of awareness, deepen the friendship. "

Then, Wen enumerated has and himself contacts close of several students: Xu Shi佺 is I junior high school friends, he origin poor, smart lively, is love reading, especially classical novel, later became one excellent of diplomatic reporter; Li Tielin is I high school classmate confidant, he not only composition good, and love painting, he on biological of love makes he became one doctor; Zhang Chengmeng, and Yu Jiacheng are is class cadres, is I of joined the references, in Group juvenile in the is adult. They set strict demands on themselves in every respect, is friendly to students, and later on the school, and made his mark in his work; gates of Caritas-read political books, often expressing his opinion, in the first of the class for the capital. We love to discuss things, he went on to become a College Professor Zhou Youfang is tall, good at basketball. Every day from school, we went home. After school, we came out from the school and trees, to the South the road. We begged all the way. I often surprise jumped up and tripped him from behind, he always smiled, stood up and was not angry. We go home together and bounce. Later, he became the head of a large business. When my classmates and I got along like brothers, emotional purity, did not make comments to each other, have no quarrel. Now I think about it, makes me feel warm and happy. "

In memories of his youth's extracurricular life, Wen recalled a past: "I love football. Once played, I floor, behind a large glass window Fan Sun kick, lost 1.4 Yuan of money. I am pretty strict upbringing, his family was poor, I afraid to go home to MOM for money, only three cents a day earlier slowly accumulated up to the school. These days, always in the hole on the door of the classroom into a note, urging me to General Service to make money. I hate to see it. Since then, I would never play football again. "

Using the power of example adolescents

Meanwhile, Wen Jiabao young experience, for example, encourage teachers to move more distinguished story inspires people. In a speech, he mentioned that in his youth, teachers, parents speak of ancient heroes, people with lofty ideals the story always made him "listen to tears." Based on this, he said, "the power of example is huge, it can give a whip, gives a will to give people comfort, give people power. I thought, teachers tell when knowledge, can be combined with revolutionary history, intellectual history, military history, history of science, history of art, give the students some examples of. These characters ' experiences and the spirit, had a strong influence on the youth and charisma. "

This time, Wen's fifth after graduating from Nankai middle school, he cited statements in Nankai University, Nankai high school 110 anniversary congratulations: "national liberation and rejuvenation, and for national independence, prosperity, democracy and civilization, culture and talents. This is the South Road. For the reform of public, dedication, and innovation. This is the South. Promising, future-oriented, the fountain of youth. This is the spirit of Nankai. "