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9 cartoon what it means to read James Knight

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

"Editor's note"

NBA new season opener, Knight to defeat bulls 95:97. Back is still receiving treatment James endured pain, all 12 of 22 shots, 25 points and 10 rebounds and 5 assists and only 1 turnover.

After the game, the "Emperor" is not depressed, he said the team had focused on the future. Look at the Knights, this is James himself created "dynasty" cast, he persuaded Le Fu TOU, set-up "Tartar" JR Smith, oversaw renew Thompson ... ... Dialogue Hong Kong s frankwell 7000 RMB salary

On October 26, ESPN columnist Windhorst and Alexander Wells with a set of "man power" style cartoon explains how James in Cleveland to create his own "Empire". Player is just one of his identity, he is a coach, headhunter, General Manager.

Instead of a "leader", "boss" is more suitable for James to call.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

1. He is the "Empire" 's Director of human resources

In order to "nation-building", James needs its own war.

July 2014, James set aside 3 calls, informing teammates Wade, owner of Allison and Chairman of Riley, is leaving Miami. After he returned to Knight's press release, he is said to love, "to Cleveland and play with me. "

Knight told love, the life of the contract will not be too long, but James's phone, love said: "I'm here. "

Minutes later, love's agent, and the Knight caught the line. Within 24 hours, this deal has been settled.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

After love, followed for many years, James Maike·mile, a veteran of the same in his list.

That summer, Knight has been lost in the negotiations--the nuggets out of the higher price, but after James shot, things will get easier. Cavs not even got the news from the Miller, but James's agent sent a notice that "things done. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

2. He is a player who's good big brother

In September last year, before the official start of training camp, James made a request to the new coach Sepp Blatter: only players he can preside over meetings, "Rookie" coach Sepp Blatter agreed.

James called all the players into the Conference room, close the door-the coaching staff at the door.

Whether it's stars like love is Owen, also was to attend the training camp Rookie, James told them their idea: in the new season, how he wants them to play. For most players, this Conference was the first time I saw it.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

In October, Knight's in-house training game, James began to guide the players how to play on the pitch, that's just the start.

3 months later, ESPN reporter also took note of the situation, "Blatter in the preseason Princeton system built directly were thrown out of the window. Here's the thing, James had the ball, and tell the players how to play. Blatter watched him play, then repeat to the players. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

3. He is capable of "CEO"

James not only in the field of leadership, the sidelines, his role as a CEO, and there is not much difference.

Love before you decide to join James and he completed talks in the hotel's swimming pool. And when the team needs to bring in as James ' "help" team manager David Ray Griffin made his decision.

In January 2015, James truce Cavalier lost 7 games in 8 games, teams in need of reinforcement. David Ray Griffin knows he want from the Knicks hired Cooper, but to complete the transaction, it must receive less people "rest assured" j · R Smith, finally, LeBron James made his decision for him.

James told Griffin, in fact more interested in Smith, to address Griffin's concerns, he said, "j · R and I'll get it done. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

Smith came to the old industrial city of Cleveland, under James, he stopped going to nightclubs bars and hanging out gradually and the "sixth man". Finally, j · R sent a Tweet: one man's trash is another man's treasure.

In addition, James will be in the network "remote" and team-mate exchanges. On Twitter, he has issued many similar "into it, became part of the great! "," Are you kidding me? Big ball! "This tweet. It was thought to be his teammates shouted.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

4. He is a behind-the-scenes "coach"

On December 30, bothered by zhanmusiduo when a back injury makes him difficult to live with. Before appearances in the game, he told teammates he will not play.

According to the B.S. Description of the Report, "in the final minutes, James decided not to play, not even on the bench, sitting in the locker room did not go out. "Rip off the team, but in the end they acquiesced in the decision and gave James a two week break.

James know when to rest, but also know when to sell.

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

Eastern semifinals fourth last time, Cavaliers and bulls drew 84:84. Blatter has tactical requirements assigned by James ball, the answer is:

"I'm not going to serve, I will only shoot from behind the backboard, and then hit".

Finally, his ball hit the last shot. After the game, James said, "I told him to let someone else to serve, and to give me the ball, and then all the way. "

9 cartoon, what it means to read James Knight

Knight and bulls game, also arrived at the scene to watch Obama.

2015 season, James first lost to the bulls, but how do you know this legend began.