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To leave small business is so hot you don t know

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During China's national day, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post reports from the marriage service consultant, Zhaoqing city, Guangdong Province, Ding Kangna (transliteration, Connor Ding). More recently, the 28-year-olds became a celebrity, and he continued to accept television, radio and print interviews, about their recent success, the business--how to help women leave "third wheel".

The South China Morning Post said, he was in like will Smith in Hitch's character. In the 2005 romantic comedy Hitch, will Smith plays a great appointment of consultants. Will Smith plays the role of self-taught after the split by two girlfriends, found the secret to winning hearts, so it becomes a dating consultant.

However, this young man is not dating someone, but how to help wives in marriage trouble dealing with her husband's "third wheel".

Ding Kangna: "any man, as long as unhappy in the relationship, he will cheat--I am no exception. "However, Ding Kangna quickly added that their marriage happiness.

"The reason people cheat, is because there are missing in their marriage – whether it's sexual needs, respect or the lack of love. "Ding Kangna said," we will advise customers on how to deal with and respond to the marriage in the problem, and know how can they win back the other half of the heart, in order to help our customers operate, maintain their marriage. This process often involves another topic--How to get rid of a third party. "

Today, the affair seems to be a common thing. Look at Canada dating sites aixili·maidixun (Ashley Madison), which gives their basic position is "an affair dating sites". Mistresses in China will not be less than that of any other nation. How to get rid of these mistresses, also became a strange, popular services--to those who are in the Club even more so for the great lady. These ladies are willing to 1.001 billion of money to deal with the people who are watching their husbands mistress three, rather than with her husband in court. Serious explosion smoke in Shau Kei Wan Hong Kong

46 years old, has over 15 years of marriage counselors, Li min (transliteration) accepted an interview with the South China Morning Post is of the view that materialistic values were reflected in the Chinese love and marriage-minded.

"There is a well-known saying in the three territories, called ' has made dispersed families, less effort of three '. "Li said," China is really conservative, but many girls don't want to patience to wait for years, only to be with a man, until he was able to afford a House and a car. Whether it is moral decay, also is a materialistic point of view, should have been criticized. "

Li estimated that over the years, she has handled projects for more than more than 50,000: "every day, we'd be in the consulting firm received 20 to 30 new customers. "

The South China Morning Post, citing data from the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs said that last year alone, more than 3.6 million couples filing for divorce. This means that every four couples, there is a pair of applications for divorce. In the past 12 years, this figure has maintained a rising trend. According to mainland media reports, in Guangzhou, from application to final judgment of divorce, about a month's time the media attributed the high divorce rate of social change and technology bring escapades.

"Because of technology, cheating is now almost do not need to pay any price, and the cost of maintaining marriages is growing. "Ding Kangna said. He referred to a Web site and social media platforms provide strangers with know.

Today, the "anti-small" has become a booming industry. Emotions advisers and even established companies, hired a handsome fitness coaches, consultants, lawyers and investigators, through the formation of a professional team, to provide customers with discouraging small "one-stop service".

These professional team "against three" policy include: helping mistress in search of a better life in love and career goals, introduce them into new social circles, and, if necessary, also provide counselling and training for mistresses. Another approach is to allow the third party to clearly recognize that their "gold" already married, their families and never really thought of divorce.

Sun Yat-sen University gender studies academics Ke Qianting that, in traditional Confucian values, "men should be breadwinners and women homemakers" ideas in modern society still exist. She said: "the Division of labour between husband and wife that has not changed, so if housework on what's wrong, so often by the wife to make the change, or by the wife to find solutions to the problem of. "

Ke Qianting added that in China, many women because the child's reason, chose to put up with an unfair marriage relationship.

"And some women choose to endure unequal relationship in marriage, because the existing Chinese marriage law and failed to protect the rights of women. "Ke Qianting says," If you want to liquidate property, the man may easily transfer of property. And if the man is set up not to pay maintenance for the child, they can not fulfil this responsibility. "

Ding Kangna company headquartered in Shenzhen. Because of the large number of Hong Kong men in this bustling city, "Wu hidden mistresses", Shenzhen has been jokingly referred to as "second wives" cities "all over China. Among his clients, one-fifth from overseas. Because business is hot, he is prepared to achieve in two years branch offices in the mainland provinces to complete coverage.

This new industry not only attract customers, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore and the United States said Chinese-language service--most of them the wives complain that their husbands to be prowling the city, young women taken away from me.

However, infidelity is always a price to pay, help Ding Kangna is no exception.

To persuade a mistress, it's time to end this relationship, you need to charge a lot of fees. According to Connor introduced, via the Internet or telephone consulting business, fee of 30,000 yuan. And offline services cost up to 100,000 yuan. By Ding Kangna processing fee is close to 2 million Yuan, he said, such deals are not uncommon in China.

"The success rate of our 80%," Ding Kangna said, "If the customer is not satisfied, we will refund payment. "

Li said her proudest moment was persuaded and abortion for 8 years with a man 4 woman ends the relationship and leave the man.

"I helped her to accept the hard truth--this man never and his wife divorced, never married her. "Li said," I helped this woman found a new boyfriend. Now, she's married, gave birth to a daughter, and have been very happy. Her parents have thanked me. "

(Translation: Zhou Yifan)

Source: South China Morning Post

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