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And the opening up of two children is now in order to solve China s singles

And the opening up of two children is now in order to solve China's singles crisis

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China announced the opening up of two-child policy, can only have one-child family planning policy will be history.

The implementation of China's one-child family planning policy was founded 35 years ago, the policy was aimed at controlling the country's population, solve the overpopulation problem. But draconian one-child policy has also brought the national population proportions of tilt. China's population is aging faster and faster, the size of the work force gradually shrink. Young generation without brothers and sisters dependent elderly parents at home, take a huge financial burden.

In addition, the gender imbalance is another important issue. In 2011, the Nomura (Nomura) Research Institute analysts have to make this evaluation, "population bearing the bigger problem is the imbalance of gender ratio at birth. "

"Chinese women's average of 0.71 girls only, far less than the number of baby boys. In 2010, China 51 million more men than women, the sex ratio of newborns for 120:100, for the highest in the world (see chart 39). This also means that among male babies born now, almost one-fifth in marriageable age can't find a mate, increase the risk of social tensions. "

Meanwhile, forced to remain single men of marriageable age may be an extreme approach, rape and sexual harassment will be increased, and that is why the Government needs to look out for one. But now it needs more discussion.

(Translation: Pan Jinhua)

"Investigations" two-child policy lets go of you will give birth to a second child? Of the level was run by Li Ka shing the author

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