Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guangdong Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge was struck by dredging dozens of trains were

October 15 at 18 o'clock, a dredging ship hit the Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge. Guangdong traffic @

Rescue emergency scene. @ Road, Zhaoqing City Council

Guangdong Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge ship hit the bridge accident, dozens of trains were affected.

Road, Zhaoqing city, Guangdong Province, the evening of October 15 message, around 18:15, Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge ship-bridge collision accident occurred, a dredging ship hull high, in the sailing directions (Guangzhou) impacts of Zhaoqing Xijiang bridge, the bridge for the highway-railway dual-purpose bridge. Breaking News

Beijing, Xinhua learned from the Maritime Bureau in Zhaoqing, water governance, Zhaoqing City law enforcement detachment seized 2038, Foshan, Guangdong gaoyao, Zhaoqing, Lu BU is bound for the ship en route through Zhaoqing Xijiang River railway bridge, ship suction pipe gantry touch hang hole under the railway bridge beam, led beam of railway bridge damage.

According to bus drivers said at the bridge, the bridge sway two or three, resulting in difficult to control the steering wheel. Many drivers think that vehicle tire, stopped for a look.

Railway authorities have for the first time to activate contingency plans, to the block section.

According to Guangzhou Railway official Twitter @ Guangzhou Railway News, affected by this, as of October 15 at 22 o'clock through Zhaoqing gaoyao, Guangzhou Railway station to station segments 27 trains will take back, adjust the operation section, or decommissioning measures.

Road, Zhaoqing City Council said Lai Zehua, Zhaoqing city, the Mayor has led a team to the scene to direct the rescue and rescue work. Currently, maritime sector are on the event for processing; Highway, and railway sector technicians is accident site on bridge damaged situation for check; highway traffic control aspects, has Yu 15th 20:30 take public iron dual-use Bridge (old bridge) temporary closed traffic, and road bridge (bridge) implemented two-way opened of temporary traffic control measures, police, and highway sector is site maintained traffic order, temporarily no vehicles blocked situation.