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When we are still arguing over when the team changed listen to Korea football

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Chile in the U17 World Cup, Korea youth team game 1:0 victory over Brazil. CFP information

"Editor's note"

When Chinese fans also discuss whether the team when the change online, our neighbors, have accomplished a feat.

In Chile in the U17 World Cup, Korea youth team game 1:0 victory over Brazil, times countdown winner of Guinea, with Brazil, the group ahead of England, by the local media as "U17 Chile miracle."

Korea U17 when celebrating the victory, Chinese youth team even in the Asian Youth Championship team last year, but failed to qualify. Chinese children exactly where is the difference? Korea's unique player development system?

Former French Paris Saint-Germain youth player Tyrone King in Korea Sport magazine wrote an article in the Magazine s Korea football reflections, we might be able to find some answers.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

University of Incheon on the football field, a group of Korea children are carried out under the leadership of coach football training.

Youth, children should not be "robots"

10 years ago, the time frames in the December 20, 2005, Grand Hilton Hotel Seoul South Korea k-League draft is held, in the cold winter, I came here and parents and students the players too tense to say a Word. But when the first child was selected by Club, the pitch is thunderous applause broke out.

In the Korea domestic, Club selection criteria for junior players are becoming more "young".

Used to children in primary grades 3-4 interested in football Echelon will be included in the Club's u-series, but now only 6 years old, "good seed" would be selected in advance Echelon, and then from the football interest groups began training until you enter the "players" (u-tier).

In 2015, the Korea Football Association primary school registered a total of 342 teams, 254 teams of secondary school groups, high school groups a total of 178 teams, Korea University student teams in the League had increased to 78. Every year, the team has showed an increasing trend in the number of.

Although the increase in the number, but in fact, the Academy, much harder to talk about ' professional ', and lack of creativity.

I have seen a primary race, a little closest to the bench player bringing the ball to the sideline and coach shouted: "him! Run! Stop and control a control! Continue to run! Him! " The essence of drama Thai shows get a deep

I suddenly felt, small player complete with robot-like coach pushed around. Even more interesting is after the other side, the small players or to the sideline with the ball, but coach seats in some far away, he yelled at the bench started shouting: "teacher, I what to play next? "

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Korea Football Association high school teams registered.

In Europe many years later, I feel the Korea children lack the "judgment" and "responsibility". Execution and control should be instilled in children at the primary school stage, but our kids can't do strengths.

In my own case, said two of my stories about teenagers.

During my stay in France Paris Saint-Germain youth team, the Club once again for us to practice shooting, players are free to play, just like playing the same attitude in training. But when I concentrate on when the shot was saved by goalkeeper, I roared out, surrounded by people who were scared. In that environment, I think this is what I do for the rigour of professional players.

Korea players tend to not be a problem, the trouble is caused by mechanical training from childhood memories of the body, could change the game in an instant.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Korea youth teams with Brazil, the group ahead of England. CFP information

In Paris, against Division I and his team-mates at a time, and my team-mates in close proximity, he pass to me, and I didn't get it, I feel he is big. But he calmly said to me: "I'll give you the ball very well, you didn't get is not a technical question, it is not your problem, but you are in my balls for a moment not to concentrate. "

Primary school (U-12) is a Korea improve the ability of individual players the fastest stage 3 to 4 times a week training classes and the children are different in Europe, in addition to training to rest, many children choose to practise.

However, the practise is repeatedly stopped the ball, the ball, the child cannot learn to observe the situation on the field, unable to reach in against "human ball", so when it comes to powerful opponents, such as strong defensive players often seem at a loss when.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

September 30, 2010 in 2010, U17 women's World Cup to win the Korea team returned home, received a Grand welcome. CFP information

If you do not play, where is the way out?

Korea more children to play, but waiting for them in the future, but a bad competition.

Now Korea has 4 adult League, the top tier is Korea k-League, a total of 12 clubs; second is Korea's challenge League, a total of 11 clubs; the third level is Korea (n-League) National League, a total of 10 teams the Club; and the end of the pyramid is Korea's K3 League, a total of 18 clubs.

According to 2014 Korea Football Association data shows that primary school students enrolled that year a total of 7496. That same year, Korea first and second level 22-team players only 728 people. When your childhood dream of being when Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, only 1 in 10 people lucky to enter the Professional League.

Both traditional European powers are close neighbours Japan, even if the child cannot become a professional player in the future, there are many career choices or a football-related industries can work. But Korea football is completely different.

As an analogy, Korea Academy of each tier is inclined at right angles, once you quit football, then the child's future was doubtful.

Recently, a large number of football could not be completed dream took part in KBS TV called "youth FC" columns, in particular impressed me. Program selection out of many people is to be the player after the failure of work have nothing with football-related things, little life.

I also served as a manager of amateur club, we also have a number of players being eliminated. Most of them have a common idea: originally wanted to be a player, but discovered that in fact is not so simple. They were forced by the pressures of life and the future and had to give up.

When we are still arguing over when the team changed, listen to Korea football reflecting on what

Korea confrontation on the pitch. CFP information

Rural children do?

In recent years, the Korea Club selection of flexible, material width, select the range. But now Korea football on campus (campus students that traditional schools ' interest in soccer class player mode) and club football (organized by the community of amateur football clubs, football classroom) were met with little trouble.

The current trouble is, football development levels among regions. As in Europe, club football is certainly the highest level urban areas, and low levels of area was the township or village. There, football is only "CA" (CA is Korea junior high school and high school education in creative activities of interest groups).

But wants to play good football, time and hard work are essential factors, so casually treated rural children, school football wanted overall success is impossible.